Why Trade Binary Options?

Binary Options trading is a fast & exciting form of trading where a trader enjoys opportunity to earn big payouts, by simply selecting an asset and speculating on it’s up or down movements. The various assets available, in form of company Stocks, Indices, Currency Pairs and Commodities, make Binary Options even more thrilling for all types of traders. Everyone from new to expert traders can find an asset that suits their skill or trading knowledge.

Easy, secure and online

The very basic reason why new and professional traders are being obsessed with this financial trading platform is its ease of access and use. Keeping a check on financial news and trading trends for a selected asset is enough to understand how an asset moves or fluctuates with time and the day to day events affecting it. Traders can make quick money by simply predicting if the value of the selected asset is going to rise or fall within a specified time frame, which can be as low as one minute.

Traders are not required to download any software and can easily trade using a web based platform. Binary options trading follows highly secure transaction protocols to make sure that all the personal as well as financial data is 100% safe, secure and encrypted through an advanced SSL secure system.

Variety of assets

With hundreds of trading assets to choose from, this trading platform suits every trader. Whether you have a basic idea of currency trading or understand the ups and down of stock market, Binary Options lets you find your preferred asset to trade on.

Most popular and hot selling stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs can be easily found to make predictions on. Being a trading platform where you do not have purchase the asset but only invest money on its movement with time, Binary Options is easy to grasp even for the most novice traders in the market.

Different trading options

Best part about this online digital trading is the various trading products or options available including Digital, 60 seconds, Range and One Touch.

These trading options or products define the trade you select and wish to invest in. Traders seeking quick and fast returns can opt for products like 60 seconds (Turbo) trading allowing them to trade and earn with fastest expiry time.

Free account and registration

Online trading platforms offering Binary Options are known to offer free accounts for new traders, experts and those with good rough knowledge to trade. Registering online is not just free but also simple with a trader only requiring filling in a form, provide required details and getting access to all the features in no time.

Guide, Education and 24/7 Support

Binary Options Trading is easy to learn and NowOption.com offers trading based articles, educational content on trading lessons as well as 24/7 support system. New traders with basic or no knowledge of Binary Options are always kept on priority, thus you can easily find trading guidance to get started and a chat support for technical or non-technical questions.

You may also visit our FAQ and trading Glossary sections designed and offered to answer any other online trading related queries/concerns.

How to Trade ?

Asset Selection

Choose from over 180 assets for your Binary Options trading


Predict the direction of the asset for the selected trade type


Invest the money for your online Binary Options trading


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