Range Trading

Range Trading, holds close similarities to Touch trading and, has gained a large popularity among Binary Option traders seeking a trading product that is easy to trade and gives better opportunity to make money.

Range Trading is a simple trading system, where you, the trader, choose or select a trading range with a higher and lower level on the price scale. One you have selected the range you now predict if the price of asset will stay within the range or go outside the range during the life span of the trade.

Steps of Range trading are simple, just select or identify a trading range, decide whether you wish to go with ‘In’ or ‘Out’ option, choose your asset and then investment amount.


Trading ‘In’ mean you are predicting that the price value will not move out and stay within the selected range at the time of expiry. Similarly, trading ‘Out’ means you are predicting that the price value will cross the range boundaries and would be out of the fixed range at the time of expiry.

To invest in ‘Range Trading’ at NowOption.com, just select your trading option, pick your asset, filling the expiry time you wish to trade with and decide if the value of the asset will remain within the range or move out. The payout for the trade is given on the screen and based on your selected asset; you get the range limit on basis of which you must click on ‘In’ or ‘Out’.

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