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What is Binary Options Trading?

Binary Options is the simplest form of trading, where you can select from wide variety of assets like Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks to trade with. A trader simply selects the asset and predicts the movement of the asset, whether it’s going to rise or fall, in a given period of time. There are only two outcomes in this form of trading, you either win or lose the trade.

What type of assets can I trade with Now Option?

Now Option offers a wide variety of over 180 assets to choose from. The categories of assets covered by Now Option include Currency pairs, Stocks, Indices and Commodities.

Do I have to download software to trade?

You do not need to download any software to trade with Now Option. Simply, sign up, make a deposit, select your asset and start trading.

Is it suitable for inexperienced traders?

What makes Binary Options Trading easy and popular is the very fact that it’s suitable for all kinds of traders, including those traders who are new, inexperienced and are still trying to understand the concept of prediction and trading of assets.

Now Option has a user friendly Education section that answers all basic questions regarding what, who and why about this form of trading. While it takes time to master the strategies and technical tactics of Binary Options trading, but to start small all you need is fundamental understanding of the types of trading, steps and basic glossary of trading terms.

What is the successful investment return rate at Now Option?

The successful investment rate is between 65% – 85% depending upon the trade.

What are the products supported by Now Option?

Now Option offers you different Binary Options Trading products ranging from – Digital, Turbo (60 seconds), Range and One Touch.

What hours can I trade?

Now Option is open to traders 24/7 for anytime trading, but depending upon the assets selected some trading products might not be available during certain hours of the day or week.
For example- Assets such as NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange Group, Bombay Stock Exchange, Euronet, etc are time restricted and have a fixed trading time.

What is Call option?

Call means the value of the asset at the end of the trade will be more than asset value at the time of trade investment.

What is Put option?

Put means the value of the asset at the end of the trade will be lesser than asset value at the time of trade investment.

What is underlying asset?

Assets on which Binary Options Trading predictions are made are called Underlying Assets. For example, Currency pairs like USD/GBP, Commodities like Oil, Stocks of companies like APPLE and the Index markets like NASDAQ etc.

How to invest?

To invest or trade follow the steps –

  • Select your asset from given asset options
  • Choose your investment amount or the money you wish to trade
  • Select a Call or Put option
  • Pick your Expiry time
  • Wait for your expiry time to expire

Are profits taxable?

The taxes, if any, incurred by this form of trading directly fall in the Income Tax law and jurisdiction of your country of residence. Thus, you are responsible to pay any taxable dues on the income earned, via Binary Option trading, at the place of your residency.

What happens,in situation, where the value of an asset at the expiry time is similar to the value of the asset at the time of trade purchase?

In cases, where the asset value remains at the same level during the time of purchase and at the expiry time, the trading is cancelled or nullified and you get your invested money back.

What is expiry level?

The value of an asset at time of expiry is called expiry level. Expiry level generally defines whether the trade ‘Expired in the money’ or ‘Expired out of the money’.

What is expiry time?

Expiry time is the time at which a trade closes down. At Expiry Time, the trade comes to an end and you either gain or lose on the investment made.

What is the time zone of expiry time?

Your PC time would be taken into consideration as the time zone of the expiry time.

What is the minimum & maximum investment amount at Now Option?

Now Option lets you start trading with a minimum investment or minimum trading amount of $25 or €25. Similarly, the maximum investment or trading amount supported by Now Option is $2500 or €2500.

What is the significance and meaning of different color feed?

Binary Options Trading has different colors allotted to different type of trading to help a trader identify the ups and downs of an underlying asset. Trading buttons like Call and Put are usually marked Green and Red, respectively. Green signifies the rise in the asset value and the Red marks the fall in the asset value.
Similarly, you will see Green and Red colored arrows marking the up and down movement of an asset value on a live feed.

What to do in case the trading is inaccessible?

Sometimes, due to technical glitch or insufficient amount in account trading becomes inaccessible to certain traders. In cases, where you are not able to trade due to technical fault, we would suggest you to revisit the website again shortly.
You can also call contact our team to know the status of amount in your trading account.

What are the different deposit options available?

Now Option allows you to trade using deposit options like Credit Cards, Skrill, CashU and Bank Wire.

How can I deposit in my account?

Once signed up or registered with Now Option, follow the simple steps –

  • Login using your account details
  • Select your preferred deposit option
  • Click on ‘Deposit’ and follow the guidelines

Please note – Any transactions with Bank Wire can take up to 2 or 3 business days.

How can I withdraw from my account?

When using a Credit Card, withdrawal must be done using the same card that was used during the deposit process. NowOption.com also supports other withdrawal methods like Skrill, Bank Wire and CashU.

NowOption.com has a defined withdrawal process and all withdrawal related request are handled and managed by the finance department of the company. When making a withdrawal request, you would be asked for identification documents (such as ID proof, residence proof, etc.). If deposit was made through credit card, then a copy of front and back of credit card will also be required with CVV at the back hidden and only last 4 digit along with name, date of issue and card expiry must be visible.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount at Now Option?

There is no minimum withdrawal amount. Clients can make one withdrawal per month free of charge. Every subsequent withdrawal within a month would involve a processing fee of $30.

What is the minimum deposit amount at Now Option?

The minimum deposit amount to start your trading with Now Option is USD 200/ EUR 200/ GBP 200.

Is there any deposit fee?

Now Option does not charge you with any deposit fee.

Do you charge fee or commission on the trades?

We, at Now Option, do not charge you any fee or extra commission over any profit made, while trading with us.

What are the currency options supported by Now Option?

You can use USD, Euro and GBP to manage your deposit or withdrawal finances with Now Option.

Is there any deposit required to register with Now Option?

Registering with Now Option is free of costs.

How can I cancel my request for withdrawal?

To cancel any withdrawals, go to ‘My Account’ and follow the instructions.

What is the time taken to process withdrawal?

Time taken to withdraw funds depends upon the withdrawal option selected by you. Based on the option selected it could be between 1 to 7 business days.

How do I open an account with Now Option?

To open a new account with Now Option, click on the ‘Open Account’ button given on the top of the website. Fill in the basic details like name, email, phone number, country of residence, currency preferred, DOB etc. Once you have created your account with Now Option, you are ready to trade using different Binary Options trading products available.

What can I do if I can’t remember my password?

To get access to your account in case of forgotten password, simply enter your UserId, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions to create a new password.

How can I check my transaction history?

Now Option lets you have access to all your transaction details at one place. Simply click on ‘My Account’ section and get your transaction history.

How can I edit or update my personal account?

Go to My Account to make modification in your account details like contact, email, etc.

How secure is my account with Now Option?

Keeping your transactions as a priority, Now Option works on encrypted SSL technology. The Secure Socket Layering technology safeguards all the transaction data from being misused.

What all documentations are required to trade with Now Option?

In order to start trading with Now Option, you are required to provide few identification documents such as ID proof and residence proof.
These ID and residence proof could be a valid passport, driver’s license or any utility bill.

How do I contact support Now Option?

To get in touch with our team, you can easily contact us via Email or Chat option. Send all your queries at support@nowoption.com or simply use the chat messenger available.

Do you only serve individual traders? Can corporate clients trade with you?

NowOption is open to all and anyone can trade with us.

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