Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The agreement given below contains terms & Conditions applicable to the participation of an affiliate partner ‘you’ with our Now Option Affiliate Network “Us”. This agreement binds you to the terms required, to abide by, to continue to be our affiliate partner and brand promoter.

We” or “Us” or “Our” refers to and “You” or “Your” or Affiliate” refers to the company or individual signing up with us as our affiliate partner, through our affiliate marketing program form.

The sole purpose of this agreement is to clarify and underline the particulars required to maintain and continue the relationship between you and us in goodwill, while avoiding situation of breach of contract and inappropriate action or behavior causing harm to the affiliate partnership.

Application or Enrollment

To apply for NowOption Affiliate Marketing Program, you must: (a) go through, and accept, the given Terms & Conditions governing the participation conditions and (b) fill in the application/enrollment form completely and send us the required details.

We have the sole discretion to accept or reject your application based on reasons we consider deem to fit an eligible and non eligible criteria.

An application could be rejected for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, design or content seeming threatening, unlawful, obscene, unethical, objectionable or catering to minors.

Fraud would not taking any fraudulent activity lightly, as committed by you as our affiliate partner. This agreement accepted by you must not be violated or breached.

You, the affiliate, are strictly prohibited from committing any fraudulent activity or violate law using any devices, means or persons. Any fraud committed to you, while serving under the agreement of affiliate partnership with us, allows us not only to terminate the contract immediately and effectively, but we also hold the right to report you to an applicable law authority.

Providing wrong or falsified information in regards to referrals via links or commission generation is a fraud. You must also not exceed or misuse your limited access to our affiliate marketing program. Any unauthorized use of the program done by you to harm or any customer or a third party or law would be considered a fraud and would be reported to the law authority.

Fraudulent activities also include but is not limited to use of spy-ware to completing or providing required information, cooking-stuffing or use of stealware, deceiving the program using automated system for increasing the number of clicks or using any other form of click-fraud.

Its in our sole discretion, to act against any fraud or deceiving activity as done by our affiliate partners.

Commissions / Payouts

Payout for an active affiliate account would be paid following 10th of every month.

Property Rights

All the content and data along with links provided to you under nonexclusive, revocable and nontransferable rights as provided to you, under the affiliate agreement, must be used only for the purpose of meeting the roles and responsibility of the marketing and affiliate program, as signed between you and us.

You must agree to use the given data, links, logo, content and other affiliate tools to assist and promote the affiliate program with an aim of sales increase. Any form of alteration, modification, changes or manipulation done to the links, source code or other data without approval of would be considered as breach of the agreement. You are also are not allowed to copy or present the trademark, logo, banners, content and links as your own material for any other purpose other than the terms meeting the agreement.

We hold the right to use your comments, suggestion and recommendations as provided by you to us for making changes in the program or brand or the business, without giving any form of compensation to you.

All data and links provided to you in good faith of the business is a part of the confidential material. Any breach or the agreement or misuse of such information can lead to termination of the agreement.


You, the affiliate partner, must abide by confidentiality clause and agree to protect and secure any or all information that falls under confidential criteria including, but not limited to, technical process, agreement clause, customer lists, trading information,source codes, commission details, sales, designs, business plans if shared, marketing data and prospective customers.

By accepting this Agreement, you also agree to use the confidentiality information solely for performing obligations towards the partnership program. You are responsible to take steps to protect, secure and guard the provided information from illegal use, duplication or unlawful or unauthenticated disclosure to individuals other than employees or agents working on the project requiring the access to such content for performing obligations here under.

You can disclose the or share the confidentiality content or information only when and if required by the law or jurisdiction court.


This agreement between ‘You’ and ‘Us’ would begin upon your acceptance of the underlined Terms and Conditions as mentioned here. We,, hold the right to terminate the agreement at any time with or without giving you any reason, except a notice via email or fax.

One the agreement has been accepted and has commenced, its underlined clauses (including the various agreement conditions added or deleted or modified during the time of partnership program) will stay effective for next one year, unless the agreement is terminated by either party, you or us.

Affiliates are not allowed, under any circumstances, to create and run accounts for or on behalf of a trader signed-up with Any such account activity, if and when, found would lead to immediate termination of the underlined affiliate marketing program agreement between you, the affiliate, and us. Such wrongful account creation would also lead to trader’s account suspension.

Once terminated, the agreement is no longer effective thus –

(a) Each party in the agreement, including you, the affiliate, and us, shall or would return any shared property or content including Trademark logos, confidential information, source codes and other marketing tools, including but not limited to design codes, banners, images and content, as provided.

(b)You must also immediately stop displaying or marketing any content or data as provided from, including but not limited to links, logos, symbols, brand marks, company name, designs, textual content, copyrights and any design or HTML based property as developed and provided by us to you, as part of the marketing and affiliate program tool or support.

At the time of termination, we are only obliged to pay you for commission or payments due on or before the terminated date. However, we do hold rights to stop or review your commission to ensure and confirm the eligibility of the payment. If the termination is due to any fraudulent activity or breach of agreement as committed by you, we shall cancel any commission or payment to you.

Once the due commission are reviewed and cleared, we are no longer obliged to pay you any further commission.

Warranty disclaimer

You, the affiliate, must warrant that the agreement as given here constitutes, and falls under, your legal rights and you have lawful authenticity to sign-up the agreement on your or your company’s behalf.

We,, warrant that we shall not, knowingly, do anything to violate or breach the law as applicable to and its affiliate program.

We, however, disclaim all or any warranty implying but not limited to warranties or guarantees of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. Without limiting or restricting the foregoing, also disclaims warranties and representations, expressing or implying, that the program or platform does not breach or otherwise violate or harm any intellectual property or other third party proprietary right in applicable jurisdiction.

Independent Investigation & Research

You must warrant that you have thoroughly read, understood and agree to the above terms and conditions. That you have independently reviewed the eligibility of your participation in regards to requirements and the financial trading laws applicable under your city, state or country. You warrant that your participation with us as an affiliate does not violate any financial or other trading or business law as applicable in your city or state or country.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnification holds no responsibility for any inoperability of website links, non-functioning design, technical or computer error, loss of information or any other kind of disruption or harm or damage of any kind beyond or other than the reasonable or explainable control of the brand and its affiliate program. brand, affiliate program and its entities and employees, directors, agents, officers and other members must not be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, personal harm or wrongful death, debt or financial damages, including but not limited to, loss of profit and loss in business, even if any such loss or damage is foreseeable and has been suggested or advised or informed of possibility of thereof.

You must agree to defend and hold NowOption and its entities and employees and directors and agents harmless against any such damage debt or other liability, including but not limited to attorney’s fee, if such event or action arises out of-

(a) your breach in agreement, warranty or any affiliate clause
(b) your unlawful activity or fraud committed by you while working as an affiliate partner
(c) harm or damage caused to a third party by you
(d) your negligence towards the agreement and law
(e) misguiding or providing wrong information to us, law or third party
(f) hurting the religious, gender and racial sentiments

Rights and Remedies

This agreements allows to reserve the right to withhold or delete or cancel any unpaid or charge back commission to any affiliate account, for reasons including but not limited to (a) Now Option finds you violating or breaching the given agreement (b) any qualified detail or information or action from your part later turning into a non-qualified and non-eligible in regards to the agreement (c) Now Option receiving any complaint on your participation or action that is in violation or infringement of the agreed agreement.

Any violation of this agreement would give us sole discretion to withholding or freezing of unpaid or paid commission, irrespective of the any profit or commission earned through the breach or violation caused by your action.

General Provision

(a) This agreement governs the affiliate partnership program with us and at any given time the current agreement supersedes, the old version, and is consider effective and applicable towards both the parties.

(b) Upon signing up with us, you agree to accept the given terms and conditions as underlined, updated and modified here.

(c) We hold the right to change, modify, update, delete or add one or all the terms in the agreement, at any time with or without informing you. Any modifications can be posted directly on the website or could be emailed you. You are responsible and liable to keep a check on the agreement and its terms and conditions from time to time, at your own end.

(d) We may get in touch with you regarding promotions if any. This does not withstand the above clause.

(e) Upon breach or damage caused by violating any clause of this agreement, we hold right to disclose your contact information to any regulatory authority or law enforcement agency.

(f) The affiliate marketing content and data as provided to you including, but not limited to, designs, content, images, etc, must not be used to create, promote, entice, allure or deceive a person with, illegal activities.

(g) If any of the two parties involved in the agreement fail to or is delayed in performing its underlined duties by reason of fire, riot, flood, governmental actions, act of God, labor disputes or any other reason beyond reasonable control of the particular party, that party shall or would be excused for the delay or failure of performance. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the party prevented from doing their work or performing here under by a force majeure event must use their best efforts to recommence the job as soon as reasonably practicable and to ease or mitigate all or any damages caused by its inability to perform hereunder

Eligibility for Payout:

Affiliates will be eligible for commission payout after their trader has generated a minimum of 10 times volume than the deposited amount.

For example if a trader deposits $200 then he should do a trading volume of $2000 before the affiliate is eligible for the payment.

Last modified on September 29, 2014